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Taor's Cry / August 22, 2004





At last, you can see the hero Taor in this clip. 162 frames, 13.5 seconds. This clip is rotoscoped from film 'Jesus of Nazareth' directed by Franco Zeffirelli, only to show an atmosphere of my work to investors, so real movie should be done again. Character of Taor will be close resemblance with this actor.



The Journey 2 / July 31, 2004





Taor on his camel in the wilderness. I put three meteors, the last one is quite hard to see. So now, including this one, I can say that the seventh of the whole trailer is done since the finished trailer will be seven minutes long. 362 frames, 30 seconds. 30Mb.



The Journey 1 / July 14, 2004





It's Taor on his journey. This looks pretty real but it's 100% done with Photoshop and Painter. 113 frames, 9.5 seconds.



Introduction / June 2004.


This is the title thing that's going to be put in the beginning of the trailer. The only part of the film made with 24 frames a second. Entirely done with Photoshop. Still a lot of things to be improved but for your optic pleasure... :)


In the Year 2017

You shall see an unexpected miracle

The Fourth King

Tale of the man who stood

On the Horizon

Where heaven and earth meet.




      AVI File : 15MB                                     GIF File :2.9MB



Ruined Castle / June 2004



While making this, I realised once again that making animation is not a fun thing to do at all. It took me one whole month just to make this 11.5 second long clip. (To view the GIF clip full screen, play it with a viewer like ACDSee)





Ruined Castle (still) / June 2004



This is the place where Taor sits alone and dreams. He falls in love with Baltine here too.



The Coast of Ekbatana 2 / 2003



                                                          콺  ŬϽð ٸ̸ ϼ


Ekbatana seashore in the Kingdom of Mangalore. The original resolution is 4000x2000 but to play that, you'd need a several super computers so I sized down and made it 130 times smaller. So you couldn't see all the details. 12 frames a sec.



Taor on His Way / 2002



Taor and Akbar starting the journey with the Three Wise Men.



The Coast of Ekbatana 1 / April 2004





Scene that's going to be in the beginning of the trailer, just before the scene above. It's still not finished and I made some mistakes so it's not in perfect quality. I'll correct and post a better version later.